Context Reverso Issue: iPad LingQ App

Hello, Context Reverso is built into the iPad version of LingQ, and is incredibly useful when figuring out details of verb forms.

When you click on Context Reverso it opens a screen with all sorts of information.

This includes a link “Conjugate this verb form” which will present the entire conjugation table of a verb form (with the form you are looking highlighted in the table). This is an extremely useful feature.

Unfortunately the link no long works for e, i.e. does not open up the conjugation table.

I can use the standalone Context Reverso app separately but it is not as convenient.

Doing a restart of the iPad does not help.

FWIW I checked the iPhone version of LingQ and it has the same issue (although you use the 3D Touch feature to open the browser version of Context Reversio)

Thanks for any help.


Can you send us a screenshot of what you see when you try to use the Context Reverso dictionary to support(at) For which language combination you are using it?

I’ve done that. The languages are Portuguese → English.