Contents for Kids

I’d like to see some contents for elementally school children who live in foreign country.
Please note that even though they are 7 or 9 years old, their ability to understand written English is around 3 or 4 years old of English native children. I have been looking for books which they can read by themselves, but they are not interested in bears and bunnys and pot trainings anymore! They want to read and listen to something suite their interests, such as school life and (may include) a hint of love life, or detective stories.With very, very simple sentences. If you are interested, please create as such and I can give you a feedback.Perhaps you will become a well known author in Japan! We shall see.
Anyone? wanna try?

Hi Hitomi - I totally agree with you! I am also looking for similiar material but particularly English audios that are “children friendly” without being childish. Any ideas anyone??

I overlooked this message thread last year. I also agree with Hitomi.

I’m not a kid, but I like to read kids’ books which are not about bears and bunnies. I couldn’t find good ones in LingQ English library. I bought many new and used books and read them.

Nate the Great series (kid detective stories)
Amerlia Bedelia series
Full House Michelle series (popular TV series)
Marvin Redpost series (school life)
Wayside School series (school life, very funny!)
I bought new books and read them, after that I sold most of them on auction as used books.

I paid about 5 US dollars each for the above thin books. Now I have one book of Amelia Bedelia series here. The font is big, there are about 5 - 10 lines in each page. The total pages of this book is only 45 pages. It costs 3.99 us dollars.

Cam Jansen series (mystery)
My weird school series (school life, very funny!)
I bought the above books(kindle version) and downloaded them and read with Kindle PC. Sometimes I bought the audio of Cam Jansen series in

My english level is intermediate and I also like to read and listened to the daily news and the interviews. I also enjoy reading and listening the above kid’s books, because I can read them without any stress and dictionary, I can read them just for fun.

Hitomi, just go to or jp and try to find some books of Nate the Great series. You can see a few pages of these books. If you feel that those are too difficult to read for your daughter or kids students, I have no idea.

To English speaking members,
As Hitomi wrote, please write some original stories for kids who are not English native speakers. Please use easy words and very simple sentences. Short stories will be good. Easy sentences are better. If you will write and upload your stories in LingQ English library or your blog, I will give you a honest feedback. I also hope someone in LingQ will become a well known kid book author.

Please believe that your potential readers are not only elementary school children, but also millions of adults who learn English, like me. If you are a popular writer, you will be a billionaire.

Thanks Nobuo and I hope we get something. Maybe I will try my hand at writing and recording children’s stories, but that would a last resort. Then, of course, children are different now, and their tastes have changed. Any ideas?

How about children’s storeis writing content in LingQ? Of course, sponsored by LingQ and a winner will get big bonus points.

whoaholic and I are working on kids’ / simple adults stories. If we could sort out why all our recordings come out too quiet we could record and upload a whole batch.

Ideally I could get the kids to record the stories they write for school.