Content spreadsheet

Whatever happened to this ? I seem to remember about a year or so ago there was a link from Steve’s blog, but I can no longer see it. It was a useful collection of sites with good content, a tab for each language, and additional notes about the site, whether permission had been sought etc.

Is it still being maintained ? Can it be made available again ?

I will have a look at the spread sheet and see how we can move this to the Import page for the appropriate lesson where it will be more visible. A lot of work went into the spread sheet.

I know, and it’s a very useful reference. Even if it remains just in it’s current form, and people can add to it, it will be well worth doing.

I have it… should I post a link here?

Yes please, this sounds quite interesting.

We are now putting the links to additional resources into the Import section for each language. I will ask Alex to add all links from this spread sheet. Thereafter please continue to let us know about sources of good content at the following thread.

We will add them to the appropriate language.

I’ve added most of these sites to the Resources section now (some were down and audio-only . Each language has an average of about 10 sites now, but more suggestions are certainly welcome! Also, let us know if you think any of the current sites should be removed.

Please post any more suggestions on this thread:

Could you tell me where the “Resources section” is?

I’ve just found it on Miss Take’s last post. I’ve never seen it before. Thanks.