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Hey guys I’ve been learning Russian for the last two weeks and Im looking for interesting content. Could u reccomend me any yt channels in russian with subtitles that cover topics such as politics geopolitics history etc? I would be very thankful for any recommendations :slight_smile:

Hello! Check out Enjoy Russian School channel - WHAT ARE YOU DOING? | Russian Lesson with Olga - YouTube

We make videos for different levels.
Here you may find some lessons as well - Online Russian language courses in school «Enjoy Russian»

I’ve not found any Russian-language channels like the ones that you’re looking for with good Russian subtitles. I’ve been watching this thread hoping that someone else provides some suggestions. There are a fair number of Russian films on YT with Russian subtitles. I was real happy to find Бриллиантовая рука with Russian subtitles (Бриллиантовая рука с русскими субтитрами - YouTube)

I’m having similar trouble finding good youtube videos with subs in German. The best way is to search youtube with CC option on. Here is an example of a request:“россия”&sp=EgIoAQ%253D%253D

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Hi there!

Since you specifically mentioned Geopolitics, I would like to link this channel by “The Curious”:

(with subtitles as “closed captions”)

It is a Russian translation of the original “Caspian Report”, which you can find in English:

Here’s what I’ve found using the subtitle filter function for Youtube search:

Новости. Будь в курсе важного!: Новости. Будь в курсе важного! - YouTube - YouTube


Быть Или: Быть Или - YouTube

Dmitry Puchkov:

That would be lovely If you provided subtitles on all your videos!

I’ve just found an amazing channel for beginners : Comprehensible Russian - YouTube.

Its called comprehensible russian.