Contacting Dr. Alexander Arguelles

Hello forum,

Has anyone lately succeeded in contacting Dr. Arguelles, be it via mail, forum or any other means of communication? I sent him two mails at different mail addresses around two months ago, but he never replied. I also noticed he posted his last youtube video almost a year ago.

He was also promoting a to-be-polyglottery-institute but I think there hasn’t been any news on that either.

To cut it short, can anyone throw any light onto how he is doing and how to reach him?

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I contacted him just over a year ago, using the e-mail address given on his site, and got a response.

I contacted him again using the e-mail address given for his proposed polyglottery institute, and got a response from one of his colleagues. That was maybe six months ago. I’ve heard no news about him since.

I’d like to know what he’s been up to too :wink:

I had a skype conversation with him about 9 months ago, and we exchanged some e-mails a few months back. He’s currently a professor in Dubai.

Matt, do you know anything about his plans concerning a Polyglot Institute? It would be great to know!

He’s moved from Singapore to Dubai? That’s interesting.

(I heard some time ago that he very much wanted to get back to an Arabic speaking part of the world.)

Alex, I know that he seems more confident of its coming to be. It is exciting to me! However, he is looking for more support. He said he’d be interested in interviewing Steve, so long as he’s given the opportunity to talk about his vision. Arguelles is the person from whom I first heard about LingQ, I began using the day I heard his recommendation. I am sure he would love the chance to talk with Steve. I will write him an e-mail tonight.

J for Jones, I think it’s interesting, as well. He said that Singapore’s weather was a little oppressive, and also, he doesn’t want to have to fight the temptation of learning Mandarin. He began studying it intensively, but he says the charm of it wore off, that the language is only meaningful to him when he can’t understand it. He also told me that he doesn’t hear Mandarin 100% of the time, as there are other languages in Singapore, and he doesn’t feel that he is part of a totally Mandarin atmosphere, and the equilibrium is a little off-putting. He reported that he does speak it when he gets the chance, on the bus, etc.
He really has a thing for Arabic, and he was looking to get out of Singapore, as being there didn’t correspond to a great many of his personal goals, at least when compared to Dubai.

I will let all of you know if he writes back.

I really don’t know. I don’t know anything about starting a business. How much do you know about it? Do you think that you would have a fair amount of valuable information to give him about it? If so, I’d love to set up a contact, just let me know if you think you could help advise him, and if you’re interested, and we can move forward. You should be able to see my e-mail on my profile, feel free to contact me. What do you think?
I have noticed from other forum posts that you really seem to appreciate his work. He really is very inspirational.
Let me know whether you would like to try and move forward with some type of meeting (well, I think that you have spoken with him yourself in Dutch, so maybe you are just as able to contact him as I am?)

I agree that a lot of people would be willing to help him, as he’s done a lot for the community. I look forward to hearing from you.


Please tell us all if you manage to obtain new information from Dr. Arguelles. There are at least several people here who highly respect him and would be happy to get fresh news about the institute and his other projects.

Thank you!

I hope to hear from him soon. He’s a very busy man, but I know that he really values the language learning community. I have an idea.
Why don’t we all (those of us who have lots of respect and appreciation for him) write him letters of encouragement and gratitude? I’m sure he would appreciate the encouragement.
I would forward these messages to him.
What do you think?

That’s an excellent idea Matt. Maybe better still, why don’t we all write to him in our actuall target languages that we are learning, explaining how we have been inspired to learn by his webite and youtube videos?

I reckon he would be very pleased by that.

I think that is a splendid idea!

I would love to interview him and hear about his vision and ideas if you can set it up Matt. BTW I hope to interview Stephen Krashen this week.

Matt, you now can’t but organize an interview between Steve and Dr. Arguelles in the nearest future :))

Steve, we are waiting for the exciting videos of your interviews with Mr. Arguelles and Mr. Crashen!

Steve, I have already talked with him about this, and he says he is very interested and grateful for the opportunity. When we talked, he was rather busy, traveling in between his old job and new job, and said he would need some time. I’ll shoot him an e-mail about all these things tonight.

If anyone wants me to forward him a message, please send it today, as I’ll send whatever I have tonight. I also look forward to the interview with Krashen, Steve, That is really going to be great.

Hi Matt,
did you succeed in getting a reply from Dr. Arguelles?

We are all looking forward to getting oven-fresh news from you! :slight_smile:
Thanks for a short update in advance!