Consistent error appearing

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘index’)"


Noticed the same. Happened today when I wanted to move words to “known”.

I’m getting this too. It happens on lingqed phrases when I move them to known or even just adjust their level. It may happen on some words too, I don’t know. I know for sure it happens on phrases though.

It’s not just a popup. It kicks me out of the lesson onto a page with just the error message.

Same here. It happens consistently when trying to change the level of a lingQ in both Spanish and Japanese for me.

Please let me know if you still have issues. We pushed an update with some bug fixes and improvements today.

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I’m still getting the error message.

Same here. Devastating bug. Some more details on the post introducing the update.

Yes, still happening (30.7.2022). Basically, whenever I move a yellow (1) word to “known”. It does not happen when I move a blue word to known.

I found a solution that works for me for now. Sorry to be a drama queen, but this is just not worth it anymore.

I am having the same problem. I hope it get fixed soon… But it is weird that their have been so many occurrences of bugs on the site recently.

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Sorry about that, everyone. We are looking into the issue and we will have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!

This is now fixed. Thanks everyone for reporting the issue and thanks for your patience!

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Thanks Zoran!

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Are you also burning down your house when you lose your keys? :wink:

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