Consider making LingQ usable in black&white environments such as eInk

I just switched from an iPad to an eInk tablet and I was forced to abandon my LingQ membership, because in greyscale, unknown words and LingQs look the same.

Even without a full greyscale implementation, if you at least allowed us to switch off the blue highlighting for unknown words just keep the yellow highlighting for LingQs, it would make a big difference and basically would make LingQ usable on eInk tablets.


Completely am with you on that. I have a kindle and if I could use LingQ on it, I would be so happy!


Thanks for your feedback, we will see what we can do.


This would be super useful! I would like to use LingQ on an Eink device. I see reports that it works on color devices but these are expensive and have other downsides. I imagine some simple setting to change the highlighting would make it usable on B&W devices.


I second (or fourth) this request!

Kindle is locked to Amazon products, so it’s unlikely LingQ will be usable on a Kindle. But there are other E-Ink devices with Android functionality (such as Onyx Book) so it would be worth optimising it for those.

This is important for me too - being able to clearly see the word status in monochrome is critical for e-ink devices.