Connecting LingQ to the iPhone and other hand held devices..any advice or suggestions?

We know that we have to move LingQ onto hand held devices. At present LingQ can be accessed by an iPhone or iPod touch but the screen is hard to use.

Which functions are most useful to have on an iPod or similar device?

We are planning to facilitate exporting of lists so that people can use any flash card system they like on an iPod.

What else? Is there anyone out there who develops for these devices?

Ok so I’ll be the first one who answers you in this thread:)

As we know you can already use LingQ via safari, but its uncomfortable and some functions are not working, but to me most important thing is that you have to be online to do this…
So I would like the application to be able to store the lessons i choose to listen to.
Obviously, the drawback of safari access is problem with simultanious listening and reading, so this should be implemented.
And you should be able to revise your flashcards offline as well.

There are some well adapted sites on iphone like facebook or other you can have a look.
Moreover, I believe this kind of app should be fast and stable.