Connecting and avoiding skype

I understand that the tutors use skype, but if we want to connect with other community members is there a way to do that? Do community members connect? Just curious.

Skype is terrible (always has been) and there are so many better options. I’m not sure why it’s the platform of choice for this app in 2022? Truthfully I will never use the tutor feature just because it requires skype.

Just joined the site today and so far I like everything except the skype thing. Well done.


You are free to get in touch with tutor and if you both agree you can use different communication system. Up to you and tutor to figure out what works best for you both.


There is an official discord community too.

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A LingQ discord community in general? If so, what it is? I didn’t know about that.


LingQ - Official

LingQ - Community (unofficial but LingQ staff know about it)

The unofficial one is a little bit more active and better organized, but its basically the same user base in both.


I agree that Skype isn’t the best but I have to admit that I still use it. But I do have all the other communication tools available, it’s just that my students don’t really care about it and Skype usually does what it is supposed to. Also Skype is better when someone’s connection isn’t very good, it kind of keeps things going better than the others apps would.

I used to be in IT and disagree on most of these points but that’s ok :wink: glad it works for you and your students.

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OoOOh Thanks for that! I will join :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the info!

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