Conjugaison - Verbs - Spanish

I would like to know your way learning the conjugaison in Spanish. I am not able to learn by heart the verbs and their conjugaisons.

Have you succed in? How?

The patterns for regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs shouldn’t take long to learn. Once you have them down, you will recognize the patterns in other tenses and moods. Usually the endings and the stem vowels change just a little bit.

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Is there no other way that learning them by heart?
I try to underlign every verbds I meet. But I can’t recognize yet which tense is use when I read them.

I have by no means mastered them, but I just listen and read lots (and this is what I did when I started). Initially I just worked out whether it was future, past or present and that’s all I wanted to know. It becomes clearer as you go along. I found them to be quite similar to what they are in French, as least from the point of view of comprehension. You might be just getting confused by all the irregular verbs.

I learned them the hard way at school. I memorized them and passed my exams. Then I forgot most of them. Now, I just read and listen a lot. The most common ones will stick.

I find WordReference a good resource. When I enter a verb, it will tell me its tense and mood. Then I create a LingQ with a proper example sentence.

May be I should ask Cecile, how did you learn your French conjugations as a native speaker? Did you study conjugation tables when you are a child?

One of the things that I’ve found really helpful, is to read a lot. When I say “a lot”, I mean A LOT.
Articles, books, …whatever. You have to see similar grammar structures over and over and over and over and over…
Listening is also useful, but when it comes to reading, it’s more efficient because you see more complex grammar.

Gracias a todos for your comments.

I think the only way is to read A LOT and listen A LOT as you say Oscar…That means it will last long to swallow every forms of the verbs.
Ok I will be hardworking and patient.


Vamos escribir en español. Es la regla de la foro. Gracias.

a mi no me gustan las reglas, pero es mejor escribir en español, si posible, y con errores por supuesto!

In the beginning it’s helpful to study the rules so you are not lost, but the only way those rules will actually stick in your mind & for you to be able to reproduce them correctly is if you READ A LOT. so in a way I agree with both camps…

Al principio es útil estudiar las reglas, para que no te pierdas, pero la única manera de que se peguen y que puedas utilizarlas es que LEAS MUCHO. así que estoy de acuerdo con los dos ideas…

Encuentro que escribir me ayuda aprender las pautas mucho más rápido.