Congratulations Shigeharu!

Just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention that our LingQ member/tutor extraordinaire Shigeharu received a TOEIC score of 945! Well done, Shigeharu!

To watch Shigeharu’s reaction (aka Dillemme) opening his results letter: TOEIC result 2014 December(TOEICの結果) - YouTube

“It’s not so bad”, you say, Shigeharu? Actually, it’s freakin’ brilliant! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations to you Shigeharu!

Well, according to the French government 785 would be a B2, meaning a 945 has got to be somewhere in the C2 range soooo… wow nice going!

945 ! Super!


Shiigeharu has a blog and he is disappointed that no other Japanese commented on his success. Julie, you know some Japanese, why not express your congratulations there?

Congratulations Shigeharu! :slight_smile: Always great to see people succeed!

Julz611, I was following your Frech challenge with genuine interest. Now I wonder why you have just 1 “known word” beside the french little flag. Thanks for ur answer.

Of course that already occurred to me…but I originally found him on You-tube and commented there instead. And there are other reasons because of my Mandarin, which I need not explain.

This is absolutely great. Congratulations to Shigeharu.

The result is comparable with C1 in the Common European Framework (CEF) regarding listening and reading. Speaking and writing is missing. (Look here: Sprachenzentrum (SZHB) - Universität Bremen)

I’ve never done such a test, and I don’t mind, but this sounds extraordinary.

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