Confusion over number of learned words

Greetings all. When I look at the tab for lessons, the sort of home page banner on top shows that I know 1600 words. When I then look at the tabs for vocabulary, the “all” says 1900 (sum of 1-4 + learned), and when I filter it down to known, it says 400. I have looked at the sums for 1-4 and those + the 400 known = the 1900. Why doesn’t the known total agree in both places? I know my real count is more like the 1600. Thanks for any insight.

Words you have saved on the Vocabulary page are LingQs and they are not included into Known words stats, unless they are status 4 (Known). Only LingQs with status 4 (or checkmarked) are considered Known and included in Known words stats.
Your current number of Known words is 1694.