Confusing interface


I’ve recently come back to lingq as a premium user.

A lot has changed on the site since I last used it. I’m finding it quite confusing to be honest. I would like to redo one of the lessons I did yet (read and listen). After I completed it yesterday, I clicked through a few different lessons just to get an idea of other content but I can’t find (or get easy access to) the initial lesson.



If you click on Learn, you should see the list of the Courses that you have been studying. Hopefully you will remember which course the lesson you are looking for was a part of. You can also go to the Task list and if the lesson was one of the last three, you will still see it there. I hope this helps. Maybe others have suggestions. Good luck.

Clicking on “learn” then “my lessons” normally brings up your lesson history.

You can also just look at your browser history.

At the top and bottom of a lesson is a link to “next lesson” and “previous lesson” in the middle of these is a link to the course page itself where you can scroll through to find all the lessons in the course.

Bookmarking lessons and courses you like is often a good idea.

Also, if you like a lesson you can give it a rose and that lesson will show up on your profile user page.