Confused about intent of "Flip Again" on ios mobile app

While doing a review on the ios mobile app I am presented with a phrase and then after flipping the card I see the translation. At the bottom of the screen it says “Flip Again” with a cross and a tick. On the web/desktop version it usually says did you get it correct and a cross or a tick. If I click the tick on the mobile app when it says Flip Again does this mean it will be included in my current review session a second time? If I click the cross does this mean that it will be removed from my vocabulary completely or just not included again in the current review session.

I am also trying to find the answer to this

It would be nice if someone could reply to this with an answer. I am also confused as to why it says “Flip Again” when looking at the translation.

@sfkiwi @captainb @werral Sorry about the late reply here!
You got it right, if you confirm with the tick on “Flip Again?” that same card will be included in the same session a second time. If you tap on “X”, it will be removed from the session but will remain on the Vocabulary list.