Confused about how to use the library

Am I the only one confused and overwhelmed by the new library? Im going back to try to finish every lesson on the site in portuguese and its just so not user friendly. The old layout was so much better. The new one is so confusing i have no idea how people just starting out on the website use it.



I am new to LingQ aswell and from what I have read, there is a Guided Course where beginners can start. If you scroll down, eventually you will see it. It’s the official course of LingQ, same as the short stories. You can start from there. After you finish everything or if you feel that you are capable of reading / listening more advanced texts, you can import on your own the resources you like, which I think is the main benefit of using LingQ. If not, the library contains articles, books, videos and audios that are based on your chosen preferences when you started on LingQ, such as, science, food, news, etc.

I can’t really help with the new library since I don’t use it very much. It does leave something to be desired but it is hard for me to put my finger on what exactly should be improved.

I see you have over 75k known words in Portuguese. That’s quite a lot. I wonder if the library is even useful for you now since you can easily just import any content you want. I don’t think finishing all material in the library is a worthwhile exercise.


Yea! I when i went through all of it the first time i skipped most of the european portuguese now i want to go back and do it. And im finding it so hard to find all the stuff i didnt finish.

Im also saying that its so hard to navigate, the older way was so much cleaner. at least for portuguese there isnt that much content to need all these subdivisions.

Yea i finished the guided course along time ago. Im more saying that seeing how it used to be it was a lot easier to complete 100% of everything here and stay organized. Last night I had to go through and search for ever to try to find what was left for beginner 1 which was super frustrating cause I just wanted to finished them real quick.

Oh yeah, I feel you. I have Italian on Beginner 1 and 2 and I still see content with B1 level. Honestly, I think LingQ 4.0 was better and more eye appealing than LingQ 5.0.

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Yes, this was feedback that I gave during the Lingq 5.0 Beta. I am unable to see a list of all the beginner 1 courses. I’m unable to see a list of all the beginner 2 courses, intermediate 1 courses, etc.

It was quite easy in Lingq 4.0 to see all the courses in a level, but now, to my knowledge, it is basically impossible.

I want to make sure I at least take a stab at each of the courses in a particular level before moving onto the next level. Or if I want to review all the courses in a particular level, I want to see a list of all the courses in that level…

I think my OCD mind requires some semblance of organization. And now the new library, just completely lacks this type of organization. The new library feels like you just jump into the middle of an ocean, but you can never figure out a direction to swim, so you just keep treading water.


Yea some things run smoother but i loved the old library, they trying to be like netflix or youtube but there isnt enough stuff on here to make it worth it

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Exactly i have to dig so much to find stuff and im just overly confused and overwhelmed when before it was easy to see that i had three courses remaining in a level or such.

Ive been studying italian from the beginning and even now i still spend minutes just trying to figure out what left i can do in the level as opposed to just studying.

Overall i dont care because ive already completed like 85% of the portuguese content so its not that big of a deal. But I cant imagine how non user friendly it is to use this site. Me being a hardcore user of this site and being confused.

And yes me too I love to finish ALL of something not just parts.

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To see all courses:
First: click on the “loupe” icon on the library page (/web/library), but do not enter a search term (for example: Login - LingQ)
Then select from the right hand menu:

  • “Content Type” → LingQ (must be selected first)
  • “Lessons/Courses” → Courses
  • “Level” de-select the unwanted levels, so that the desired level remains highlighted
    I’ attach a screenshot, (searching for Intermediate 2 content)

There should also be a slider at the top of the library home page, to restrict the result on the shelves to the desired level.


That was a helpful post, bamboozled. Thank you.

Just to clarify, on any page on the Lingq website, you can click “Lessons” in the upper left-hand corner, then Library just below it in the upper left-hand corner…

Below that, there is a search bar. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the search bar. Then you will arrive at the page that bamboozled speaks about in the above post.

His settings worked well for me to find all the courses in a single level.

It’s also fun to play with some of the other settings.

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thanks, for portuguese i had to make sure i clicked one of the accents in order to see the actual uploaded content

Which is full of content I already finished, with LingQ claiming there are new words while there aren’t. I contacted the staff about it twice but ultimately didn’t hear anything back. It’s also full of content you have to import, with no way of hiding it. Pretty useless.

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Well, I tried Lingq several months ago, and I had a problem with adding and delete lingqs. I was able to delete some but not all, and I couldn’t add anymore. On the new site I did find a place where they are supposed to be and it says I have “0”, but if I try to add one it says I’ve exceeded 20 already. I also cannot see the reason why in a story, if it’s not a linqed word, I get the definition when I click on the word, but if it’s linqed, it doesn’t give me the definition. The upgrade has made this site a lot harder to figure out, and though Steve is very inspiring, I see know reason to subscribe to premium, and I probably won’t be back here for a while.