Confirming discussions

I’ve signed up for a discussion with a new tutor for the first time in a while.

It was a no-show again. This happens too many times especially with new tutors.

Could you introduce a system that discussions take place only when tutors and students confirm the reservations?

I hate to be stood up in front of my computer. I’m not happy about getting a “automated” apology e-mail from customer service, either. :frowning:

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At LingQ, everyone can become a tutor, and there is no reliable, certified information about the tutor on the profile page. Choosing a new tutor is not easy here at LingQ.

I usually shy away from signing up for discussions with new tutors because no-show is unfortunately very common. However, when their profile is impressive, I find myself booking a session sometimes.

It looks like I’ll just have to avoid new tutors then!

That can be so frustrating. It’s unfortunate that confirmations are automated, instead of being sent by the individual tutors. I have no doubt that some no-shows are from tutors who didn’t even realize someone had signed-up for a session. Here’s an idea. After signing up for the session a the tutor on Skype an send a message immediately and also a few hours before the scheduled call asking for confirmation. This will serve to both inform and remind the tutor. I feel your annoyance.

Try addressing your concerns, your needs, to suppor AT lingq DOT com or support AT thelinguist DOT com

Good luck!

Don’t avoid newbies.Seek confirmations directly from them using clear, direct and concise language. Use both email and Skype text messaging at the time of sign up and the day before or an hour or more before the actual appointment. If the tutor does not respond appropriately, then you can cancel the session in a timely fashion, get your points back into your account and not be disappointed by a likely no-show, from a tutor who never confirmed he/she would be there for you.

Thank you for understanding my frustration, Nia!

I always send new tutors a Skype request and leave a message ahead of the appointment. Even though they didn’t get back to me beforehand, I wait for them in front of my computer in case they show up during the appointment time.

But, from now on, I’ll follow your advice if I signed up. I’ll send them a message and if I didn’t get the response 24 hours before the appointment, I’ll cancel it.

That way, I don’t have to wait until the appointment time is over and send a email to customer service to ask my points back.

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Recenlty I signed up for a conversation class and there was no problem in terms of the class via Skype. But I did not receive the following email from, which I am supposed to receive and used to receive last year. (My email address, which is in the Settings page, is valid.)

Dear …,

You have signed up for the following Conversation:

Date: …
Title: 1 on 1 conversation
Tutor: …, SkypeName: …

Please have Skype open at the scheduled time and wait to be contacted by
your tutor. If you are late or, for some reason, you are not contacted
by your tutor, please call your tutor on Skype using the SkypeName


LingQ Support

Give it a try, Yukiko. :slight_smile: Make sure to include a direct question or command, e.g.“Can I count on you to be in attendance for our upcoming Ling conversation appointment? I need to hear from you soon!” OR “Please respond to this message and confirm that you will be there for our LingQ appointment.” And when you cancel, “I’m sorry you weren’t able to confirm your attendance for our LingQ session.”

Of course, I am not putting words in your mouth, but rather I am giving examples of direct questions and commands that make it clear what you want him/her to do.

I did received this e-mail when I signed up about 10 days ago.

These sample messages were exactly what I wanted to ask you. :wink: Thanks so much, Nia!

Once you book an appointment with me on the LingQ platform. Please send me this message:
“I’m looking forward to having a session with you! :slight_smile: Please confirm in writing to me that you will be present for the appointment that I just booked with you on the LingQ platform. I need more than 48 hours notice, otherwise I will cancel the appointment.”

Send me the above message THREE ways at once:
(1) My LingQ profile page
(2) Skype messaging
(3) email

If you do not get confirmation from me in writing in ONE or more of these three ways at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment , please cancel our appointment

When you sign up for a conversation with me (or anyone) you automatically have access to my (the person’s)
–LingQ profile page
–Skype user ID
–email address

Yutaka, do you get other emails from LingQ? If you do but didn’t get this one, you may need to check your spam folder.

Yukiko, sorry to hear about the problems you are having with new tutors. Getting the tutor to confirm is a good idea and we will look into adding that functionality in the future.


Thanks, Mark. I’m happy to hear that. :slight_smile: