Confirmation of 1-on-1

Hi Mark!
I again and again by computer problem.

If I want to do (confirmation of 1-on-1) I go to the Lessons and then Speak page. Find the tutor’s side, date and time which I want (our agreed time). Then I click on “Sign Up”. I was unsuccessful, at least 5 times. Nothing happens and there is no change in.
On side “My conversations” clearly states: you (toneN) are not signed up for any conversations. Your the plan terms are still in the green! Not in red, which would mean that busy by me. And I have both pathways by which I am implementing the “Sign up”. I was unsuccessful, at least 5 times.

Where or what I doing wrong in the execution of acknowledgment?


Hi Tone,

It sounds like you are doing the right thing but I can see in your account that you do not have enough points to sign up for a conversation. You must have 500 points to sign up for a conversation. You can buy more by clicking the “Buy points” link in the top right corner of the site.

Hi Mark,
For this condition -I must have at least 500 points in the account- I didn’t know previously. After following the purchase of 3000 points, I readily agreed term certificates. Mark, thanks for your help.

PPS: Have you heard of the accident AJ Hope(EEL)? Than the Effortless English website has totally crashed. Too many people tried to watch then newest video at the same time. This then caused computers to crash totally. I do not believe to be a marketing move by AJ. So now then website is down. Right now Effortless English is completely down. Then entire business is down, all videos are down there, and the entire website is down. So, his job is completely down!

I hope that you have to LingQ much better protection.

Glad to hear it, Tone. As for AJ, that’s too bad! I hope he gets things sorted out soon. We have configured our site as well as we can but things do happen on the internet. :frowning: