Confirmation of 1-on-1 Conversation Appointments

What can I do to prevent someone from receiving an email from LingQ that seems to indicate that I have confirmed an appointment? In my timeline, this morning, for example, I see a message “You confirmed 5 hours and 20 minutes ago,” or something to that effect when of course I had not done anything of the sort.

In my profile I have stated that appointments need to be made at least 8 hours in advance if possible because although I am available all of the time, I do take advantage of unbooked hours to sleep and run errands.

I confirm all appointments by sending a text message via Skype to the person who has scheduled the appointment. This is done after I see that the appointment appears in my LingQ calendar, and is listed in my pending reports.

Once I have a certain number “regular” conversation partners I will be able to narrow my availability to fewer than 24/7 but for now it is true, I am always available (with sufficient notice).

Thanks for any tips you might offer. I’ve just had a wonderful session on Skype which we managed amicably.

@itesonia - A lot of people will not read your profile info so I’m not sure a note there is going to do it. If you have those times available, people will sign up for them and they don’t require confirmation on your part to be scheduled. The only conversations that require confirmation are conversation requests that people make to you which you need to respond to. I’m not sure how best for you to handle your 24 hour schedule but I suggest not putting in hours for which you are normally asleep. Learners may still request conversations from you during those hours if you mention that in your profile or mention it to them somehow. That way you would have to confirm these requests.

Thank you, Mark.

I have adjusted my availability.

However I will not know that someone has made an appointment unless I visit LINGQ and check my Timeline or Pending Reports or I check personal email. In fact I do not check those places every quarter hour during the now 17 running hours a day that I am awake, but not always at my desk, not always on LingQ.

I have only had two incidents when someone booked a date and time that I was available, but…
(1) she booked it a minute or so before the proposed start time. and
(2) someone booked a date and time and I did not see the booking until after the fact but my time line said that “You responded 5 hours, 3 minutes ago” or some such and of course I had not responded at all. Also of course the person that made the appointment received an automated email in their stated native language seeming to indicate that everything was fine.

Because of these two incidents I was just wondering if there was a way that requests could be sent to me and that way the sender would know, only when I actually responded, that I was aware of the appointment.

Perhaps I should include this note at the top of my profile: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder Whenever someone contacts me on Skype I get an indication on my computer screen. Maybe this will help. It couldn’t hurt, I guess. My email and Skype ID are revealed in the area below the profile filed to all those LingQers that I follow and anyone who follows me, I always follow back.

Anyway, I am learning to work with the system. Everything is a process. :slight_smile: Thanks for your assistance.