Comprehensible Persian (Farsi)

Hi. Anybody here interested in learning Persian (Farsi) by Natural Approach, without textbook and boring grammar exercises? I use this method for teaching and learning languages and it has worked excellent :wink:


It’s with textbook and there are grammar explanations but it’s the best I know: Assimil. I skip all exercises and work with the text and audio. You can read the grammar explanations selectively because the texts reveal the patterns. Usually you know the grammar when it’s explained. The best time to learn grammar is when you have a feeling for it already. It certainly has an inductive approach if that’s enough for you.

I don’t think there are books like Lingua Latina Per se Illustrata for Persian.


Hi. Thanks for the information. Actually I’m offering the program :smiley: because I’m a Persian native speaker and I wanted to know if anybody is interested in learning without grammar and without textbooks :wink: