Completing Task 3

I’m a total newbie. I tried completing a task, following the instructions, and quite easily got ‘ticks’ for Task 1 & Task 2, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t get a ‘tick’ for Task 3. What could I be doing wrong?

Hi which,

The thing that is confusing on the Task List is that only the first two Tasks are ticked off automatically. The rest of the tasks you have to tick off manually after you have completed them.

Thanks, this reply is really helpful. How about placing some info about this difference directly where the ‘ticking off’ takes place? I guess not all users would get inquisitive about it, but I’ve spent quite a bit of time wondering what was my problem and perhaps other users might also be spared some frustration by a simple hint. (Sorry if such info is already there - I just apparently couldn’t spot it, clicking “help” didn’t help me, either).

I also appreciate very much the quickness of your response (have been a site admin myself).

One other issue comes to my mind - is there any way to open “help” as a separate site next to, and not instead of, the one currently viewed?

Also, it wasn’t quite clear to me at first how to “let you know” what vocabulary items from the task were already known to me.

You’re right, the ticking off of tasks is confusing. We are currently reworking this task list to make it more user friendly and useful including making it clearer how to update stats.

Regarding the help, the only way to have it open at the same time would be to open the Help in another tab or window.

Is the only way to open help in new tab/window to copy&paste the current url (of the site to which I need help) and then open ‘help’ there?


You can simply right click the link and select the Open in new Tab/Window.


I can’t. e.g., Login - LingQ . Possible with all top right-hand corner links except Contact (understandably) and Help. I’m not a programmer, but I believe this was your deliberate choice and perhaps it can’t be changed?

A right-clicked “Help” only opens an empty page with this in the URL field:

If “right click the link and select the Open in new Tab/Window” is not available
just copy and paste the Help link or find the Help in second Tab. I do not know why this option not available but it is not something we are going to look at now.

Since Help and Contact are not regular links but are javascript links, they don’t give the full menu when right-clicked.