Completing Lesson makes all words known

Beginner here so haven’t paid for an account yet.

I’ve been going through lessons and marking words I know, and leaving ones I don’t know blue, but just realised that when I finish the lesson and click “complete”, everything gets marked as though it’s known - is there a setting to disable this? Or at least undo the damage? It’s kind of annoying haha.

Thanks for reading, appreciate any comments!

Please check your settings.
The default settings are wired.

You can turn it off in your settings, but the only way to undo the damage is go back and make them all lingQs or reset your account. I made the same mistake when I started, so I just reset my account. It didn’t take long to get back to normal.


I’d say LingQ makes all users to make the same mistake :frowning:


Lingq assumes that you know the words that you did not link.


But where’s the setting to turn this off? I turned off “paging moves to known” but can’t find this other setting.

Yes pleas where the setting i didnt find it.

What “other setting” do you mean? If you turned off “paging moves to known”, I think your problem is solved.

Click on the gear in the right upper part of the screen.

Hi :slight_smile:
The paging moves to known problem is solved, yes. But you still make all the remaining blue words known as soon as you click finish lesson. As far as I know you can’t toggle this off.
I made the mistake of clicking on “finish lesson” too early a while ago and I was really annoyed at having to look for the words I hadn’t lingqed yet. In modern Greek, I don’t lingq in a linear fashion but I go back and forth in a lesson first depending on if I have access to a Greek verb conjugator site (available only on my pc because you need a key to that site you can use on a specified number of machines) or not. Therefore my unfinished lessons are always a patchwork of known words, fresh lingqs, old lingqs, and blue words. So finding words that should be blue in an unfinished lesson is a bit of a nuisance for me.

Btw I don’t recall one single moment when I was happy to have the “paging moves to known” option, but I can’t count the number of instances I had to speed-lingq a lesson because I had forgotten to switch it off. Have to do it every time I lingq at the working place :frowning:

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Hi j4sm, welcome to Lingq!

You really should only click ‘complete’ if the lesson is ready for completion (no blue words left). Before that, just leave the lesson.

I see, thanks! I decided to pay for a subscription since this website is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Makes sense they’d make it difficult for free users so they can get maximum subscribers! :slight_smile:

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I think preserving your own work when you take a break from language learning should be free, too. It’s unfair that you lose your lingqs when you cancel your subscription. It’s okay that as a free user you can’t make progress as well as a premium user can, but you should not be forced to continue paying at times when you have no use for Lingq.

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I cancelled my subscription once and still was able to use the lingqs I had already created.

There is a time schedule for lingq deactivation, iirc. How long was your break?