Completing assignments

Hi… when I complete assignments, it seems as though the split screen on the right hand side which is supposed to acknowledge completion, does not. Therefore I’ve been deleting completed assignments and missing out on gaining points and what have you, as well as keeping track of progress, which is a shame. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!

Hi Yasmeen,

I’m not sure what you mean. When you click the I’m All Done button the assignments are Complete. At that time, they are shown with a green tick and have a status of Complete. The next time you look at your WorkDesk content list they will not appear. You can always find them by choosing Completed from the Status dropdown. You can also archive assignments any time which keeps them in your account without deleting them but makes them inactive.

None of these activities has any relation to earning points. You earn points by being active on the community or by being one of the top learners of the month.

Thanks for the response… When I click the ‘I’m All Done’ button, it says something like ‘you must have listened to the assignment…’ but it says this even after I’ve completed the assignment?
Sorry, I wasn’t clear at all. Thanks again

That is because you must listen and read the assignment at least once before you can call it Complete. You must use the Read and Listened indicators above the I’m all done button to record the number of times you have listened to and read the lesson.