Complete Listing of Lessons in European Portuguese

Let’s keep a list here of Portuguese content which is available in European Portuguese, as opposed to Brazilian Portuguese. There does not seem to be any way in the content library, to filter out the two types of Portuguese using the search function. And the lesson descriptions generally do not give any indication as to which variety is offered, either. So far, I have found the following. Please add to the list if you find more so that other users will be able to find this European Portuguese content more easily. Thanks.

Muito Prazer, Parte 1
Muito Prazer, Parte 2
Muito Prazer, Parte 3
Muito Prazer, Parte 4
Muito Prazer, Parte 5
Muito Prazer, Parte 6
Muito Prazer, Parte 7
Muito Prazer, Parte 8

Steve’s Book

Great. An old post but very helpful for me as I am preparing to spend time in Portugal.

This list is now outdated and useless. You can search lessons by accent now, so it’s really not needed anyway.