"Come to Vancouver and Learn With Me!"

So, I got this pop up and I read the blog’s page. I thought to myself “what a great idea!”

I’m curious why you guys are doing such an offer. I’m going to guess you want to simulate like a case study style system, where you put the LingQ test at work and see how effective it is?

I’ve been using LingQ on my own, but it got me wondering how my learning rate would be if I were to work with a team with Russian.

I also have to ask, does having a “LingQ certificate” have any weight for future employment? Is it considered an accredited or authentic certificate, that actually can prove I have authentic knowledge in X language? I plan on taking the TORFL one of these days and I was curious about this “LingQ certificate” you have.

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We explain what we are doing and why in this string Come To Vancouver And Learn With Steve! - Language Forum .... Along, with what interested applicants need to do to apply.

LingQ certificates are not accredited. They are just proof of your progress and achievements on LingQ. Although, we definitely feel they are proof of your ability and more valuable than many of the existing standardized testing results.