Come to think of it

What does the following phrase mean? Come to think of it.

En y pensant (bien) / Maintenant que j’y pense / En y réfléchissant

Ca a ce sens en gros et c’est pas mal utilisé quand en parlant on se rend compte de quelque chose qui nous avait échappé ou qu’on avait oublié.

Hi, Etudiant 1
how I understand this is fixed phrase,
and I think that speaking person actually thinking about something from the past.
maybe similar to LOOK BACK ON.

Merci @ Jorgis, c’est génial!

Thank you @tiktaktuk!

Come to think of it, . . .
When I come to think of it, . . .

If you come to think of it, you might change your opinion.

“I was going to lend him a saw, but come to think of it, he already has one.”

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Thank you @Yutaka! I really appreciate your reference.