Collapsed to a Single Pane Lesson Issue with Spacebar Behavior

Are there shortcuts that one can use with this page? For example, does hitting the spacebar start and stop the audio of the lesson? Are shortcuts for this collapsed pane use ennumerated anywhere in the app? This happened to me a few minutes ago: I happen to hit the spacebar and a highlight popup appeared on the screen for dot-underlined text (no cursor over the text), it stayed open when I hit the spacebar and repeated spacebar taps produced no advancement in audio but the popup showed up and disappeared with each tap of the spacebar.

@alchemist - Good question. The only keyboard shortcut that is new here is the “Space” bar, which opens and closes the popup for the actively selected word. There isn’t currently a way to manipulate the audio playback with the keyboard, so for now you’ll have to do this manually.

I wanted to recheck this On my Win 7 machine the spacebar will stop and start the audio and do the popups. It appears to be a conflict???

@alchemist - Ah, that helps a lot :slight_smile:

I tried this in Chrome and Firefox on both OSX and Windows 7 and found that this appears to only be an issue in Firefox on Windows 7. The focus stays on the audio player, for some reason, so you can fix this by clicking somewhere else on the screen after clicking “Play” on the audio player. This will ensure the focus stays on the LingQs instead of on the audio player.