Coins for reading and listening in 90 day challenge

Hi. I’m not sure why, but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere near my target for 90 day challenge for reading and reading but hitting it out of the park for the other coin awards. Im finding it easier to work towards hitting all targets in the hardcore challenge than the non-hardcore. Can you explain how coins are awarded for reading and listening please, as I might be doing something wrong? I have taken photos of both challenges so you can
see my progress which hopefully will help answer! Many thanks. James


Adding LingQs and change the rating of how well you know a LingQ or marking a LingQ as known will give you coins (more for learning LingQs)

I don’t believe words read or time spent listening has any affect on coin count.

Because your Learned LingQs aren’t at the suggested goal markers that would be why you have trouble hitting your coin goal. I think marking a LingQ as known is worth 4 or 5 Coins.

That is how I understand it anyway.

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Thank you, Blicer For getting back now me. To me, It looks from the picture like I have a target of 16373 for reading, and the same target for listening, and I’m only on 1427 for reading and 1448 for listening. However… I’m reading and listening lots (as can see from the hardcore Challenge picture). Seems odd to Me… but I may well just be reading it completely incorrectly!

Sorry about that. That is a bug in the app. The regular challenge should only be showing a target for overall coins. The other progress bars are there simply to show you how you are earning your coins. You get coins for listening, reading and creating LingQs and moving them up in status but it is only the total number of coins that has a target. Those other targets are not correct and should be removed in the next version of the app. You can just ignore them for now.

The Hard Core challenge, on the other hand, does have specific targets for the displayed activities.


Ah. No problem, Mark. Thank you for letting me know! :slight_smile:

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I feel that listening should give more coins than it does. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but I can’t see that it is really reflected in any challenge. The only way to progress in challenges is to read and mark lingqs, which I do but I’m not sitting in front of my PC clicking on things for hours per day (whilst I can do a few hours listening per day, which is my primary way of learning). Just my 2 cents, I can see why I could be wrong!

It can probably be argued that listening should be worth more and it’s something we may look at in the future, but, listening alone is not enough. You do need to read for understanding where you create LingQs, both word and phrase, and by doing that and reviewing existing LingQs, learn to understand the text better. Then, you can return to listening to it and that cycle is how you really grow your vocabulary and comprehension. It doesn’t require hours in front of the computer, 20 to 30 minutes a day should be plenty.
Listening is very powerful and it’s great that you can do it for a few hours a day. Try to find the time to spend on the app. A lot of users don’t spend enough time listening or realize it’s importance.


Thanks for your reply. Really appreciate it! I tend to spread my time between Anki for raw vocab/sentence review, Lingq for reading material and Spotify for the various podcasts I listen to. Thankfully the podcasts I listen to seem to also be on Lingq with the full text to read along (and I usually ‘shadow’ them i.e. read and speak, as I listen). So yeah, 30 mins per day of Lingq is about right, 15 mins of Anki, 2-3 hours of listening. I have been doing that since January 1st, when I didn’t speak a word of Spanish, and it has been an amazing journey of self discovery/learning.

I think once you reach a certain level, where you know 90% of what people are saying, and you can infer from context new words, you can really learn a lot from listening. It’s quite organic, and it aligns with how we all learned our native language (i.e. I could speak English quite well before I knew how to read or write at all!).