Cloze tests

I’ve just noticed these cloze tests on LingQ. It’s a good idea, however it appears that it only takes the context that you have in your hint. For those of us who create LingQs in a hurry, it’s probably not very useful. Any thoughts?

As long as you’re creating LingQs from words that are in context there shouldn’t be any problems with the phrases.
I do see your point, but it would be difficult to successfully complete a cloze test if you had never seen a lot of the sentences before (i.e. they were automatically pulled from a random text).
Having to select an appropriate word to put into context that you’re already familiar with allows you to focus more on the missing word than the phrase itself.

I suppose what I was getting at was that, when you create lessons in a hurry (and just pick the most relevant hint) you rarely end up with a complete sentence as your ‘context’. But I noticed now that the context in the Cloze test is longer than the context in the flashcard. At any rate, looks good. I’ll try it.

Yes I also Lingq lazily and there are some problems with it.

I think it works okay though.