Cloze Test Box

It is cut off on the right side. I think all the boxes are. Thanks.


I checked and the Cloze Test seems to be working properly for me. Could you take a screenshot of this and send it to support (at) so we can get a better idea of what might be causing this?

I just sent you an email. Could it be my version of explorer? I think I’m using the latest version actually.

Thanks for the screenshots. I tried this too on IE and didn’t have any problems. Can you click the Settings button in your browser then select “About Internet Explorer” and tell me which version it says you’re using?

Internet explorer 9.

Any update on this issue? It is very annoying and is preventing complete understanding of passages frequently.

It would be helpful to know which version number you are using, e.g. 9.0.xxxx.xxxxx.

I’ve tried adjusting the window size and even adjusting my resolution, but I don’t seem to be able to reproduce this problem. Would you be able to try this on another browser such as Chrome or Firefox to see if it displays correctly there?

It is version 9.0.8112.16421

I will try those other browsers.

OK. It works in Chrome. Thanks.

As you are running the latest version of IE9, I wonder whether the issue might be on your end. I would recommend using Chrome, as sites (including our own) tend to work much better in browsers like Chrome that support the latest web standards.

I solved it. The problem was “text size”, under the “View” menu in IE. If you select any text size larger than medium, it will cut off the right side of the box. I had it on “Largest”, so it was cutting it off big time.


Excellent, thanks for the heads up! We’ll keep this in mind if anyone else experiences a similar issue.