Closing the loop


What I mean by “closing the loop”? Well, I just wanna mean that, I usually read articles, and other stuff in my learning language (English), so of curse I take the opportunity to use Lingq. I import all the stuff I come across in webs that I like to read, so this way, I am creating lots of lingqs.
The best of all, is that, after reading a lot of stuff using Lingq, the unknown words which I created before as lingqs, appear in yellow in the new texts. So it’s great because it focus my attention to them, and this way I get more and more different contexts for the same words, and therefore is much easier to adquire and learn those new words… This I call “Closing the loop”.
I just wanna share this thought with you.

Best regards.

Today I googled forest industry in Russian because I want to nail down the vocabulary in Russian for the forest industry. Now to really close the loop I am going to talk to my tutors about the forest industry.

I wish I could begin the loop or restart the loop again… But alas… no time ;(