Closed Captions format

I extracted closed captions via iSkysoft software from a YouTube video.

However, the text extracted is very messy. It’s still in the closed caption format where the numbers and time slots are still there and the sentences are cluttered and it’s difficult to read.

i was wondering if there was another software that would help extract CC’s in a more LingQ friendly format. Or am I stuck with this and do I have to format it manually?

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I use, open the file with word, do a find for " ^# " and replace with blank, then do a find for " ::, → ::, " (or similar remaining) and replace with blank, then read. Interested to know if there is a better/quicker way, as well.

I use Jubler for conversion of various subtitles to text. Import and then Save as text. I was able to find a service that extracts Youtube captions in a format that it supports. (.srt)