Close the Avatar window

It would be nice if I could close the Avatar’s window, that pink monster.
I understand that for the creator it’s a nice monster, but I’m using LingQ at work and that pink monster at LingQ website looks like not serious website. Independent of my opinion, I would like to have a “X” button to close that window.

If possible, thanks.

Yes this monster is really ugly. But if you click on “Badge”, you won’t see it anymore.

It’s true, this is enough.

Thinking better, would be nice whether I’ve been able to close the windows “new words” and “My LingQs” in the right blue side of the main window when I’m reading a text, only the text is important. Again, do not worry with my opinion, would be nice to have a “x” button to close all the other windows except the text. Who like the windows, then don’t close them.

If only the text is important, ignore everything else. :slight_smile:

That would be nice, I don’t need to know all the time how many new words there are either.

haha, I love knowing.

I’ve just been doing texts with over 1,000 words and it’s awesome watching them dropping. I look up every 5 minutes or so and surprise myself!

Are these especially long or especially tricky texts? In any case, impressive! Like you, I concentrate on the text and don’t bother to look outside it.

As to the Avatars, mine are all still in their pink birthday suits because I prefer the badge. (That doesn’t mean I don’t like what I see on other avatars - I’m still waiting for fish-net stockings to be implemented that Berta designed some time ago. The version with holes in looked particularly appealing.)

@lmyirtseshem Like I told, it’s only opinion, don’t worry, it’s not necessary answer, only would be nice. In your case, I also suggest each time you learn a new word sounds a beep or another sound, and when it finishes play a song like “we are the champions my friend…”, all of this is easy to develop at the same time, put the “x” to close the window for people like me and put some sound to get more emotion for people like you. Just opinion, opinion should us not discuss.