Clips Function

when i create a new lesson as this video suggests and then i select translation language. but, it doesnt work.

Do i need to follow different steps? I want to use it studying with subtitles. It is easy to find subtitles in native language and the target language.

What doesn’t work? Do you not see the blank fields to input your translations? Or, is the text not split into sentences?

Keep in mind that you do have to save the lesson first before the Clips will be created.

I think i figured out how it works. I think i should go and read all sentences and translate them at once. Then i go back to “edit lesson” and after i select my native language in “clips” section, it fills up the sentences i translated in the lesson page.

Not quite. The translations on the Clips tab are not done automatically. You have to copy and paste the translations into the blank fields. It has nothing to do with what you are doing when using the lesson. If you have a translation for the whole lesson, you can put it in the Clips section sentence by sentence so that when using Sentence Mode you can see the actual translation instead of the google translation for each sentence.

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