Clipping function for image upload doesn't work

Hi, I was trying to upload a picture for my profile and something was wrong with the image clipping function.
After I upload a picture, I was asked to clip a picture but there’s no picture shown in the preview window. Is this my problem or the system’s problem?

The image cropper is having problems. We expect this to be fixed in the coming week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, I’m also having problems uploading a picture for my profile; just as AngieAkiko - I upload a picture but there is no picture in the preview window. When I click on ‘crop’ the picture appears on my profile, but it is way too big so that only a small part of the picture can be seen. Just wondering if the problem has been fixed? and I have a problem or, is there still a problem with the system? Thanks!

Hi, I have used the following website:
for free image cropping. It’s very easy to use, get the right format, say 120x120 pixels, and save the picture on your hard disk for uploading to LingQ or another website.

Hi alleray!

Still need to work on getting my profile pic ‘just right’, but at least I have something there now. A great little program - and easy to use, even for me! Thanks for your help! Kerrie


The cropper on the site has now been restored so you shouldn’t have to resort to drpic anymore! Sorry for the inconvenience.