Hi there - I see a new tab has appeared “clip” - is there a tutorial on what this is, what this does, and how to use it? I’ve put audio clips in and it only seems to take (save) a dozen, not more. But then what do you do with that? Where is that audio with sentences? I don’t see anything on my LingQ app either.
And thank you!

Hello Daniel,

The “clip” tab is something still in the works. It allows you to break the audio into clips that matches each sentence. Having shorter audio clips will reduce loading times, as well as make it easier to change parts of your lesson without having to upload or record everything again.
Once we’ve released LingQ 4.0, the clipping will make more sense and have a greater value.

In the meantime, it’s still possible to upload the audio in 1 chunk/file and not worry about the clipping if that is easier for you.

It’s a GREAT feature and I really look forward to the 4.0 release. I love how my iPhone app gives “sentences” but of course it’s with the Google ‘robo-voice’. The ‘Clip’ choice would give us great audio from our own audio. Wow, great!
And thank you!


Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco