Last 2-3 days when I would like to go to or to answer my followers in Lingq, I always receive ‘’ that doesn’t exist, so I receive “We can’t find the page you are looking for”.
Does someone have this problem?

First, I thought that it’s a bug on my computer, but I can open all other sites , for example, Facebook etc. Only with I have such a strange problem.
Every time I have to cross out by hand the first ‘click’, after that I am on the ‘log in’ page of Then I have again and again to log in.
And only then I can work with this site.
It’s very long and very unconvenient.

You should change the title of the post to “click dot lingq dot com” because when people click the title they go to and cannot open your post.

I can’t understand you. I don’t use the title with ‘click’ - this word is added automatically when I press to ‘answer’ to a post from
When I cross out this word ‘click’ in the title, sometimes I see ‘error404’ and sometimes I come to the ‘log in;’ page, but never to the post which I would like to answer!

You could try to update your web browser. That might fix it.