Clicking the "I know these words" button when actually you dont

Hello, I’m new to LingQ, and really enjoying it so far - Thanks!
Yesterday I opened a lesson with heaps of words I didnt know to listen. I didnt get to finish the lesson though as I had to go out and I shut down the page quite quickly. Without thinking I pushed the green lingq button, (thinking save) even though I didnt know lots of the words.
Now I open the lesson and it thinks I know the words and doesnt highlight them. Can I reset this somehow?
Thanks! :slight_smile: Teresa

@Teresab123 - You can’t reset the lesson but don’t worry it’s not a problem! Just continue reading your lesson and highlight all the words you want to LingQ. They will once again be shown in blue and you will then be able to hover on them. They will also then be pulled out of your Known Words list and statistics. As you found out, the LingQ’d button does add all remaining blue words to your Known Words total.

Oh thats great! Thanks Mark :slight_smile: