Clicking on ? symbol in reader view goes to oops page

If you click on the ? symbols in the My LingQs and New Words boxes on the right hand side, the oops page opens.
It could link to Lesson Help (which also needs updating for the new layout and functionality)
If you hover on them, short help text appears. Tablet browsers typically don’t support hover.

At the moment we don’t officially support mobile browsers, but we’ll keep this one in mind as we proceed. :slight_smile:

Ah, I see why this is happening. The URL includes an extra “/reader/” at the end. The relevant information is right there in the popup, so I don’t think we’d link to the Lesson Help page here (it’s accessible by clicking on “Help” at the top).

By the way, I tried this on a mobile device and a tap on the icon opens the popup properly – is this not the case for you?

This should be fixed in the next update to the site. :slight_smile:

That’s it. Yeah you’re right, the popup appears on click on mobile safari - the point being that if click and hover have different outcomes, I guess the hover takes precedence.

I understand the challenge of browser support and lack of official support is understandable - your hands are full with all the many desktop options. Keep up the good work!