Clicking on a known word in QuickLingq mode

When I click on a known word when in QuickLingq mode it is high-lighted in blue in a red box with an x. Curiously and confusingly, it includes the following space. It looks like a “phrase” of one word with the following space is selected.

If I click the red x (or keyboard x) does it remove the word from my known words list? Or if instead I mark it again as known, does it add a new one-word “phrase” to my database? Or does one or the other action, or both, leave things as they should be?

Hi khardy,
No matter in which mode you are, if you click on the known word, that is how it will look. Clicking on the known words only select that word, even if it looks like there is extra space at the end.
If you ignore the word after you select it or create Ling of it, it will be removed from your Known word statistics.
Note that keyboard X will ignore the word, but if you click on that small red “X” from te image you added, it will just unselect the word and will not ignore it.

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