Clicking on a blue word on the website doesn't always turn it orange

The blue word only turns orange if one of 2 things happens:

  1. I click on another blue word while the dialog for the first word is still open
  2. I manually select a meaning to use for the word.

However, if I click in a blank space to make the dialog disappear, the word stays blue, and is wrongly marked known when moving to the next page.

By dialog I mean the box that pops up with the definitions and options relevant to that word.

Do you have autocreate Lingqs turned off? It might be what is causing this. Check your settings to be sure.

As @SeoulMate asked, do you have an “Autocreate LingQs” option enabled under the settings?

Yes, it’s enabled

Thanks for checking it. Actually blue words gets saved as LingQ automatically only when you move from one blue word to other one. That’s how it always worked. If you just close the popup for a blue word it won’t became yellow automatically.