Clicking "I know this word" creates a Lingq

This morning when I click I know this word, it creates a lingq. So I am getting a lot of lingqs and no known words. I have to click on the lingq and move it to known.

It also appears as words that were previously know (weeks or more ago) have been moved to yellow lingqs. This is really screwing up my stats. :frowning:

This is happening for me as well.

That’s very strange. Does it happen in any lesson you try? Which browser are you using?
Can you please both contact us on support(at) , I think we may need your permission to access account and try to reproduce the issue. Thanks!

It seems to be happening in any lesson I do. I am using the android app, it doesn’t happen on the web version, just the app. I click on any word, blue or white and it becomes a lingq no matter what I do. I will send an email.

I am having the same issue with this. I have been told that there are releasing a fix in the next few days.

I also had the same issue on Sunday. I have uncheked the “create automatic lingq” box from the setting tabs and it’s fixed.

Well this is unusual.

This is happening to me on Android. It does the same thing if I press “Ignore word”.

Thanks a lot guys, I was able to reproduce the issue and we will get it fixed asap!

Good catch! Thanks for letting me know, that helped to reproduce the issue. We will get it fixed.

For now please disable “Autocreate LingQs” option under settings, until we fix the issue. Thanks for your patience!