Click on LingQs isn't possible

I noticed, that in the web version sometimes it is not possible to mouseclick on words to show their translations. I can only steer by keyboard and this way I can only mark blue or yellow words, not known ones. As well, it’s not possible to create multi-word LingQs.
I haven’t found out yet on which occasions this occurs but I would be glad if you could fix it.

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Can you please provide a lesson/word example of the mentioned issue? Thanks!

It’s not related to a certain lesson but more to a session. Yesterday the problem showed for every lesson and today everything works fine. Restarting the site didn’t work either yesterday.

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Hello Zoran,
today I am not able to work on a lesson, that was totally fine yesterday:

Would you please have a look at it?
I just checked it - all the other lessons behave just the same. Could there be an add-on that causes this trouble?

@Tobisbeste It actually looks normal on my end. I assume it’s something on your end, do you have any extension enabled? Can you try using LingQ in the incognito mode, or try other browser to see how it looks then?

I use firefox and have a lot of extensions enabled. I tried using incognito mode and it works fine. Do you know about add-ons that are troublesome?

Not sure, sorry. I suggest you to disable them one by one and test, to figure out which one is causing issue.