Click "Know All"?

I feel I understand the Greetings and Goodbyes, but I hesitate to click know all because there are some words that have more meanings that I would like to explore. I’ve made some words yellow in other lessons, but then the other meanings go away leaving only the one I picked.

Basically though I’ve listened many times and have seen the word in many contexts, I am worried about clicking “know all”. Any ideas?

click know all. You can always LingQ a word again. Time to move on. Whatever you learn you will forget, a few times, before it all sticks. That is my approach.

@aprendo - I Know All is not meant to be clicked when you know the lesson completely. It is meant to be a batch way to tell the system that you know all remaining blue words. Once you have created LingQs for the unknown words click the button to make the rest known.

Thank you for the quick responses. It is very encouraging. It is all very new and getting used to the system is getting easier over time. I noticed that I can re-blue a white word, but not the yellow ones. To blue a yellow, I have to delete the yellow so it goes to white and then highlight the word to turn it blue. I noticed that the count of new words has been getting bigger as I’ve learned and practiced these steps.l am having a good time with this system.