Clearing blue words before paging

There is a new update on the iPhone version of the app where you HAVE to make Lingqs before moving onto the next page. There is a pop up and I can’t move forward until the highlighted blue words are dealt with. The problem is sometimes I like to read through for a bit and then go back to make Lingqs. Sometimes I am listening to an audiobook version on my library app while I read on Lingq. So this pop up interrupts my flow.

Is there any way to turn this pop up off? I’ve looked and don’t see anything but perhaps I have missed it. If there isn’t a way, I think there should be.

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I also would very much like this to be changed. there are reasons why someone would like to switch pages before making lingqs. I like to survey the lesson before going deeper into it, or most of the time I like to listen and read through the pages first before making lingqs. Now I am forced to follow along in the mode that reads line by line (don’t know the name for it), but that also doesn’t work well because almost every lesson has incorrect timings or none at all. This is my experience with Japanese lessons.

I understand the need for this for new users who don’t know about automatic lingq or moving blue lingqs to known setting, but I think it needs to go away after one or a couple times, or have an option to not show the pop up again.

We are doing AB testing and new users, for now, can’t disable this. For existing (old) users this is now fixed.

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