Cleaning subtitles

Hello everyone, could anyone help me with subtitles? I want to import movie subtitles as lesson, but I need to clean all of the numbers that refers to time. For example 113
00:06:55,009 → 00:06:58,046
You really believed
that they were in love.
how to clean it, any ideas?

Can’t you just select and delete them?

copy the file in any spreadsheet all your data should be in one colomn - add another colomn where you put a list of numbers - sort both colomns on the data so that all time codes are all together - delete the time code rows - sort the remaining rows on the numbers.

in another thread, another LingQ user suggested the app “subtitle edit 3.5.1” i used it. it is super fast! takes less than 30 seconds

Oh no, it would take whole day to clean all of them…

It helped, thank you!!!

So simple for those who can use a Linux or Unix command line (or CygWin shell):

$ egrep -v ‘(^[0-9][0-9]*$)|(–>)’ > subtitle.txt

If you’re using Windows you probably won’t be able to do this. If you’re using Apple you might be able to do this if you know how to access and use the command line, but I’ve never used Apple computers and can’t say for sure.

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