Classic view without the sound

Today I had an unpleasant experience with the classic view - it was without the sound!
The new layout - with the sound but the same podcast in the classic view without the sound.
Is it a gradual exclusion of the classic view friom lingq,com?
Is it really so, it is very pitty because both versions have some advantages and some disadvatages - and a lot of lingqers use both of them.
For example, for repetition of the texts the old version is much more better because we can see the whole teext and not to distract for thumbing the pages.
THe second bug is in the section VOCABULARY - I can’t chose the certain day for the repetion of the vocabulary.

Hi Evgueny,
I am sorry to hear that! Are you unable to play a lessons audio at all or Text-To-Speech doesn’t work?
On which browser you are experiencing this bugs?

Thanks for a quick answer.
Maybe it is a defect of my Google browser because I tried using today Firefox, and it was OK with the sound also in the classic view.
However, it would be great if the new layout Lingq could have such a function - to propose at the end the whole text for the repetition, withiout paging - at this case we really could refuse the old layout.

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Please let’s not give up the old layout! It gives us the possibility to see the hints in other languages, which is of a great help. I have not found this possibility in the new view!

You can see the hints in other languages on new layout too. Just click on the “All dictionaries” option and there you will be able to see available resources, including user hints, for any language you want.
But no worries, the classic view isn’t going anywhere.

I checked this again and again, Zoran, but I can’t find any user hints on the new layout. What I see is a large number of dictionaries, some of them very useful, but user hints in other languages only on the classic layout. User hints in other languages are useful because they give the result of the work of other users who have struggled with the same interpretation problem.

You are right, sorry about that. User hints in other languages are for now available on classic view only. We need more time to implement it on new reader too and it will be probably added in future.
Anyway, as I’ve said the classic view isn’t going anywhere, so don’t worry about that.

It is a bizarre omission. Is it possible you’re making changes to this without thinking about how people actually use it? I have spent about 2000 hours creating hints (principle parts for Latin) and in one stroke the new classic view doesn’t show them. What on earth?!

i wish i had classic view don’'t understand why they don’t offer this to everyone i had to delete my old account because i couldn’t remember my password or anything after being off for long time now i have to stop using thisause i’m not enjoying the paging thing goodbye linqg

I quote Zoran:" …no worries, the classic view isn’t going anywhere". So why not give the possibilities of the classic Lingq to everyone? Scrolling instead of paging, hovering to see the translations, larger texts, consulting hints in other languages … If it is there, why can’t everyone benefit?

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I would like to bring a text of the life of Franz Kafka, and I do not have any audio for it. Does Lingq have the ability to produce sound for it?

Hi pmda,
You should still be able to see user hints for your studying language. As I mentioned above, user hints are unavailable for other languages, not for studying language.

Hi MatDeris,
Unfortunately you will have to find the audio to import it yourself, we are not able to produce it.