Ciudades from www.spanish-life

Hi All,
I found 4 perfect lessons (for my level) at Beginners-2 section; it called “Ciudades”. At the end of the soundtracks, there is a message telling that these are the podcasts that could be found at www.spanish-life… but then I could not pick up the end of the message. Would be most grateful if anybody could help!

No wonder you found it hard to understand! They pronounce the website the German way, :slight_smile:
What you missed at the end is “punkt de”, that is “dot de” (“de” for Deutschland). I tried the version with “spanish-life” as you wrote, but that doesn’t work; so I tried writing German “Spanisch” instead of English “Spanish” and “v” instead of “f”, because, you know, German :-D, and that works: