Chrome Plugin that looks like LingQ

I saw this on Reddit today, which is strange because this video is 3 years old.

My first thought when looking at this was, “Wow, this looks like LingQ.”

Any thoughts on this plug-in? I think it looks like a cool idea as it gives a bit more control over what you feel like learning, but the fact that it doesn’t seem like to give the user much control over which words (and phrases) to learn. This is important because I find highlighting clusters of words very important in Russian.

Also, another criticism: Google Translate kind of sucks. I would rather use GT for individual words and Yandex for more complex words.

Overall, I definitely think LingQ still looks and performs better. More stats, a forum, and better dictionaries. The only thing is, I don’t have to go back to LingQ to learn, with that plug in I can stay on the page. I definitely feel LingQ’s plug in could be like that but potentially way better due to the little features here. However, I do understand that the developers here are already working hard on other things.

There are many LingQ “alternatives” or “clones”: Readlang by Steve Ridout, FLTR Foreign Language Text Reader, LWТ Learning with Texts, Lingro, to name just a few of them. Most of them allow the use of better dictionaries than GoogleTranslate. Try them out, it’s an interesting experience …

If it’s more convenient for you, check them out.

So far, LingQ has everything I need in one place. All my audio and text, on my iPad and iPhone, plus it has all my stats.

I use the app waaaay too much, haha!

I’ve only been using LingQ for japanese, and my dictionary defaults to, which is very good. I can’t speak on other languages though.

EDIT: Maybe just use the plug in when you are casually reading. If you want to delve deeper and really get the most out of it, you can always import it here.

Are you suggesting that LingQ only uses Google Translate? This is of course not the case.

We have to find what works best for us. I have tried these, but prefer to bring texts into LingQ, either using our own Chrome Plug In or as part of a collection that I have set up.

@ Steve
Most dicrionary on the Lingq app for the iPad are not working for Spanish/German.
It works only for Spanish/English.

I have repeatedly reported (via mail directly ) to the support. Unfortunately without success.

How do Learning With Texts and others get away with using LingQ’s word bookmarking and community contribution ideas? They attribute LingQ as being the inspiration, but aren’t they infringing on patents etc?