Chrome Extension Not Working


I am trying to use the Chrome extension but it is not working properly. When I click on the language, Spanish, I get a message “importing to Lingq” then the banner disappears. When I check my Lingq imports, the article doesn’t appear. I have some success reading on the website page, the highlights appear, but the words don’t seem to be added to my Lingq for future study. I’m using Here’s the article I have unsucessfully tried to import several times:

Hi wlynnae,
Sorry to hear that you’re having troubles using our extension.
I’ve just tried it on the page which you have provided, and it works fine for me. After you open the page, click on LingQ extension icon on the top right and select the language. If banner disappear after that, just click on the icon again, and choose between “Open at LingQ” or “LingQ Here” options. I’ve tried both and both works fine. Article did showed up under My Imports at LingQ.
Please try again and let us know if it works.

Hi Zoran,

Thanks for your response. I tried again with the Chrome extension, for some reason it’s not working on my computer. I’ll try on another computer tomorrow to see if the problem is just with my computer. I have had success using the Import Bookmarklet on Firefox, so that’s what I’m doing for now.