Chrome Extension Error

Apologies if this issue has been raised, but I have been trying to import simple text-level content via the chrome extension and it is simply not working. I have tried with a French-language Wikipedia article (on Voltaire - Voltaire — Wikipédia) and a French-language news article about Baudelaire (

Despite the extension showing an unspecified error after a lengthy import time, the articles do show up in My Imports but there is no spacing between words making the resulting text unusable.

I understand there have been some hiccups with the extension of late, but most of the issues I’ve seen already reported are related to YouTube or Netflix. Again, apologies if this issue is already under investigation.


You could just make a copy of the text and import it as a lesson using the + symbol at the right corner of the blue bar.

Yes, but I’d much rather this tool functioned properly :wink:

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We are looking into it and we hope to have it fixed soon.

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